Nikolaev Bascule Bridge Refurbishment, Ukraine

Built in the Soviet Era the Bascule Bridge crossing the River Inhul in Nikolaev was suffering from considerable wear and tear with the existing asphalt missing in many places leaving the exposed steel bridge deck vulnerable to years of corrosion.

USL Ekspan

The client called upon the expert services of Trinity Group, USL International’s strategic partner in Ukraine, to offer an effective solution not only to bring about a quick remedy but more importantly provide long term durability.

The replacement of asphalt was not considered feasible given the loading issues on the bridge which limited thickness and lead to early deterioration in the first place. Therefore, the use of a combined waterproofing and wearing surface was selected.

Matacryl WS is a PUMA based system that has already proven successful in Ukraine and elsewhere around the globe. It provides a durable wearing surface over the Matacryl waterproof membrane ensuring a hard wearing and impermeable solution.


The works were carried out under very strict night shift possessions to allow the bridge two way traffic throughout the duration.

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