Matacryl's expansive areas of work serve the following industry sectors:

  • Highway Bridges
  • Rail Bridges & Stations
  • Tunnels
  • Utilities

 Our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to provide structural waterproofing and protection solutions - tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Highway Bridges

Bridges are exposed to severe stress, their lifetime depends on a variety of factors including: frequency and quality of maintenance, concrete/steel quality, physical exposure, chemical exposure, climatic conditions and bridge design. The Matacryl bridge deck waterproofing systems address these issues and provide good quality 100% effective seamless waterproofing preventing water, chemicals and de-icing salts from penetrating into the structural deck concrete – thus preventing the steel reinforcing bars corroding.

Matacryl have three main waterproofing systems offering design engineers and clients effective solutions for the main application areas of bridge deck waterproofing, and when combined with Matacryl's extensive portfolio for bridges and excellent customer service this gives a class leading offer for all your bridge protection needs.



- Matacryl WPM 

- Matacryl WS (Vehicular) 

- Matacryl WS (Pedestrian)

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Rail Bridges & Stations

Matacryl has long been a key partner to the international rail industry, helping to meet the industry’s demands for performance, reliability, efficiency and network availability. We offer Matacryl RB waterproofing, to overground and underground stations and rail bridges. 


Matacryl RB has played a key role on projects such as Union Street Station and Black Creek Bridge, Toronto  – giving us recognition for quality, reliability and durability of our rail waterproofing solution.



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Matacryl WS (Vehicular) systems can be used both on the drive surface of tunnels and to protect the tunnel structure from ingress of water and chemicals. Matacryl WS (Vehicular) surface provides a durable wear layer for skid resistance inside, and at entry and exit points. A waterproofing system utilising Matacryl membrane is based on the tunnel structure and material type.




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The physical integrity of structures within the water industry depends largely upon the protection of steel reinforcement from corrosion, and the erosion of concrete due to chemicals and abrasion.


Pumacrete plays a major role in the waterproofing and protection of concrete against chemical attacks, joint-leaks, cracks and corrosion.





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