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Matacryl WS (Pedestrian)



Safety and durability are key for pedestrian & cycle bridges. Matacryl WS (Pedestrian) bonds with the substrate and provides a sealed wear layer in combination with a flexible, crack-bridging barrier membrane and surface friction suited for walking and cycling. It can be used on new bridge construction, routine maintenance or bridge restoration applications.


Key features:

  • Available in spray and manually applied grades to meet job site conditions.
  • Installs at a wide range of ambient and substrate temperatures -20 to 35 °C (-4 to 95 °F) to extend the construction season.
  • Rapid set time promotes fast installation, lower labour costs and efficient handover to next construction phase.
  • Weather resistant and ready for use 60 minutes after completion of application.
  • VOC compliant; contains no solvents.
  • Chemically inert; does not require hazmat precautions for disposal once cured.
  • No heating of resins or special application equipment required.
  • Matacryl WS (Pedestrian) systems are only installed by authorised and approved contractors


Installation Benefits:

  • Cold applied - does not require heating equipment or conditioning
  • Manual or Spray applied - quick installation rates, no equipment for hand-applied grade
  • Chemically inert - no special requirements for disposal
  • Solvent free - VOC compliant
  • Rain resistant - rain resistant within 30 minutes of application


The System


Key Projects

- Five Oaks Footbridge, UK

- Cobden Footbridge, UK

- Orestad Pedestrian Cycle Bridge, Denmark

- Alfred Nobel Bridge, Denmark

- Unwin Bridge Canada


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